Various Artists Call Of The Bellbird Volume One
This is the first of a series of albums showcasing the memorable Country Music recorded by Hadley Records over their first three decades from their humble beginnings in the early 1960s. In this collection are seven legends who have been elevated to the Country Music Roll of Renown and four Golden Guitar winners including Rick & Thel Carey, Slim Newton, Rex Dallas, Rocky Page, Jean Stafford, Norm Bodkin & Kenny Kitching, Athol McCoy, Shirley Thoms, Dusty Rankin, Eddie Tapp, Gentleman Geoff Brown, The Singing Kettles, Buddy Bishop, Bryan Watkins, Stan Wood, and Gordon Parsons.

Price: $24.95

1. Rick & Thel Carey - Call Of The Bellbird


2. Slim Newton - The Fate Of The Redback
Release Date: 3. Rex Dallas - Born To The Saddle
12 July 2004 4. Rocky Page - A Link With Home
5. Jean Stafford - Hello Love
6. Norm Bodkin & Kenny Kitching – Fraulein
7. Athol McCoy - Mustering the Woolies
8. Shirley Thoms - Where The Golden Wattle Blooms
9. Dusty Rankin - Tell Me Tonight That You Love Me
10. Singing Kettles - Nobody’s Child
11. Geoff Brown - A Thousand Miles From Anywhere
12. Eddie Tapp - Star Of Love
13. Buddy Bishop - Farm Yard Yodel
14. Bryan Watkins - Slim Dusty, I Salute You
15. Stan Wood - The Long Road To The River
16. Gordon Parsons - The Pub With No Beer (Live)