Various Artists Call Of The Bellbird Volume Two
Issued on CD for the first time January 2005 Here is our second collection of memorable tracks recorded by Hadley Records, this time 20 classic songs are included. Amongst them are some who turned to recording at Hadley in their veteran years and some started their recording careers with the label. There are now four members of the Country Music Roll of Renown and two Golden Guitar winning tracks included on this collection.

Price: $24.95

1. Singing Kettles - Call Of The Bellbird


2. John Vaughan - The Old Valve Radio

Release Date:

3. Shorty Ranger - The Man From Nulla Nulla

17 Jan 2005

4. Les Partell - This Here's An Akubra (Not A Hat)

5. Harry & Wilga Williams - Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home

6. Bandy Bill & Co - Modern Day Swaggies

7. Colin James -The Last of the Wild West Shows

8. John Minson - The Real McCoy

9. Lindsay Butler - Tenterfield Sunset

10. Norm Bodkin - Fender Bender

11. Buddy Weston - Wilbert's Waltz

12. Ian Quinn - Catching Barramundi

13. Tex Williams - Bottom of the Harbour Job

14. Michael Cook - So Blue

16. Natalie Wood - Who Were You Think Of

17. Felicity Urquhart - Sweet Music Man

18. Stephen Bunz - Trapped Like a Bird 

19. Harold Williams - Truck Driving Man 

20. Rex Dallas - Yodelling Mad