Shirley Thoms The Hadley Years 1970-72

Shirley Thoms The Hadley Years 1970 - 1972 - 2on1 CD
As the history of Australian Country Music is written, an important place among the “greats” is reserved for Shirley Thoms. She was the first Australian female country singer to record as a solo act, and was the first Queenslander to appear on commercial recordings. On May 27, 1941 a 16-year-old Shirley made her first six contributions to Australia’s Country Music heritage in the recording studio of EMI in Sydney, including the song for which she is still best known, Where The Golden Wattle Blooms. She continued to record until 1952, and then came a long break until her association with Hadley Records began in 1970. 
These are those final Hadley recordings originally issued as the albums “Australia’s Yodelling Sweetheart” and “Shirley Thoms”.

In 1980, Shirley Thoms was further honoured as the first female performer elevated to the Country Music Roll Of Renown. 

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Australia’s Yodelling Sweetheart


1. Where The Golden Wattle Blooms

Release Date: 

2. Born To Lose

17 Jan 2005 

3. Where Is The Kingdom Of Heaven

4. Amigo's Guitar

5. I'm Living In Two Worlds

6. Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello

7. Faithful Old Dog

8. Last Thing On My Mind

9. My Daddy Was A Yodelling Cowboy

10. Waltz Of The Angels

11. Teenagers' Waltz

12. There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder

Shirley Thoms

13. Lie To Me

14. Boy I Used To Know

15. Sunday Morning Christian

16. Let Me In

17. P.E.A.C.E

18. Big Girls Don't Cry

19. How Long Is Time?

20. She's Mary, He's John And I'm Lonesome

21. They Listened While You Said Goodbye

22. This Land Is Your Land

23. Ashes

24. The Keeper Of The Key