Rex Dallas I Love The Old Bush Ballad Songs

Rex Dallas I Love The Old Bush Ballad Songs
Rex Dallas was born in Wallerawang, a small mining town near Lithgow, in regional New South Wales, Australia.   Rex recalls in the liner notes to the original release of this album... "I love the old bush ballad songs.   That was the title of one of my many albums, and how true and part of me those words are!  In my childhood I would rise early to listen to the 5.30am programme "Hillbilly Trail" on the old hometown radio station, 2LT Lithgow.   Later in my youth, I was to co-host this programme with my old radio announcer mate, Jack Griffith.   We changed the name to "Early Morning Country Sounds" and ran the programme five days a week."  "It was during this early part of my life that my love for the bush, its characters and the songs written about them, grew." This release includes Rex's first of his three Golden Guitar winners, "Old Wallerawang".

Rex Dallas was elevated to the Country Music Roll Of Renown in 2000.

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1. I Love The Old Bush Ballad Songs


2. Thank The Bush For The Likes Of Them

Release Date: 

3. Snowy Mountain Yodel

17 Jan 2005 

4. Coloured Lad, 

5. Forget About The Car

6. Australian Bush Call

7. The Flea

8. Gum Trees Are Falling

9. The Old Briar Pipe

10. Portrait Of A Truckie

11. Bluey

12. I Went Back To Dodd's Hotel

Plus Extra Tracks from “Old Wallerawang” Album

13. Old Wallerawang

14. Trumby’s Mate

15. Let Me Sing You A Song Of The Country

16. The Old Retired Showman