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Slim Dusty Stamps

January 2001 
Slim launched 
Australia Post's  
2 Slim Dusty stamps.

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Slim's final recordings

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Slim's website

It is with sadness that we note the passing September 19, 2003
of a truly great Australian, Slim Dusty. 
However, we also remember with great joy, the pleasure he brought to our lives and to so many ordinary people around the world.

the official Slim Dusty Website

Slim was a legend in the Australian Music Industry, not just in Country Music. For over 50 years he recorded for the same record company and in that time he released over 100 albums

What a fabulous performance at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games. It has obviously impressed thousands of folks all around the world who have since been in touch to order his Waltzing Matilda. Our recommended version (he's recorded 3) was on "the Heritage Album" as it's close in arrangement to his recent live performance. But now that West of WInton is released, you'll find that's the one that does the trick.

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Slim's Songbooks

The Slim Dusty Movie is now on DVD with a bonus DVD that includes bonus features. This Collectors Edition also includes the 2CD soundtrack recording. Click here for details

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Slim has already sold over 6 million albums, almost exclusively in Australia. That's nearly 1 album for every 3 men women and children in the country. He was the first artist in Australia to receive a gold record and now has dozens of Gold and Platinum albums to his credit. Slim Dusty is Country Music in Australia.  So let loose, when you get a taste of Slim, he gets to be very addictive. Great lyrics, about real people and places from real Australian writers/characters like Stan Coster, "Mack" Cormack, Joy McKean and fine music that has launched  2 of our instrumental legends of Bush Ballad Guitar, Barry Thornton and Lindsay Butler. You can't go wrong.

In September 1997, Slim and Joy performed by special invitation of the General Manager, on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville Tennessee, recognising his contribution to Country Music over 50 years. We are very proud to have played one small part in that recognition. 

With such a substantial catalogue of titles it's sometimes hard to figure out where to start with Slim. 

Slim Dusty The Very Best Of - the DVD Collection
November 4 2002 saw the release of Slim's first DVD. Based on the old video of the Best of Slim Dusty, it has two additional songs to that release,
Looking Forward, Looking Back and the title track of his latest album Travellin' Still... Always Will. 

"Travelling Still... Always Will"

Recorded with daughter Anne Kirkpatrick and released on March 18th, 2002. Seven new solo tracks from Slim, 3 new solo tracks from Anne and 3 new duets as Slim attacks new songs from Norma Murphy, Ray Rose, Kev Wilson, Ron Odgers and his most dependable songwriter - Joy McKean. "Travellin' Still...Always Will", is considered the real follow up album to his multi award winning & double platinum selling 100th album 'Looking Forward Looking Back”. 

Not one, but 2   Slim Dusty CD releases in October 2001

West of Winton is a classic Slim Dusty bush ballad album and was meant to be released in 1999 but then it was realised, after a count back, that this then would have been Slim's 99th album. As Slim already had solid plans in place for that release, "Winton", as it's become known by fans, was shelved. Now it is finally available, and included is his latest version of "Waltzing Matilda", in an arrangement closest to his incredible Olympic Closing Ceremony performance.

West of Winton. Click here to purchaseWest of Winton is being released in tandem with The Men From Nulla Nulla which contains 4 new duets with long-time friend Shorty Ranger plus 18 other older recordings that Slim has done of Shorty’s songs.

Tracklisting: Waltzing Matilda, West Of Winton, Saddle Up And Ride, The Vanishing Breed, The Old Saddle, Truthful Fella, Old Scobie, Back With The Show Again, Finney's Home Brew, The Shearer's Story, Old Dingo, Happy Anniversary, Ham and Eggs, Sassafras Gap, Dan The Wreck..

Slim and Shorty "Men from Nulla Nulla". Click here to purchaseShorty Ranger Shortly after winning 3 Golden Guitars in Tamworth in 2001, Slim headed back into the studio with long time friend Shorty Ranger to record 4 new duets. The Men From Nulla Nulla is the result. The album also contains 18 older Slim recordings of Shorty's songs. The album is being released in conjunction with West of Winton, which was originally to be released in 1999. NO Cassette 

February 19, 2001:  Slim Dusty returned to his 2nd home, the recording studio, last week to record with his old friend & mate Shorty Ranger. The sessions took place at Slim's "Columbia Lane" recording Studios and were the realisation of a dream. "We have been thinking about doing this for a while but with the 100th album things just got to busy" Slim said "But it was great to be able to finally do it. We have such a long history together and it was very important to me to get some songs done before we head back out on the road"

Looking Forward Looking Back. Click here to purchase"Looking Forward Looking Back" the milestone and highly anticipated 100th album, is accredited as selling over 100,000 copies in it's first 8 weeks on sale.  Rod Coe has once again taken control of production and has delivered a classic Slim Dusty album which contains songs written by Don Walker, Eric Bogle, Michael Fix, well known Australian photographer Barry Skipsey, Steve Grace, Peter Denahy, Norma O'Hara Murphy, Joy McKean and also Slim.

Released at the same time last year, was "The Man Who Is Australia", a special  5CD set with a 60 page booklet of some never before seen photos and stories and includes a disc of interviews Slim has given over the years, and 4 CDs of interesting recordings, oddities, live recordings and unreleased tracks.  The Man Who Is Australia Bax Set Here's just a selection of the contents...

CD-1 titled "Ramblin Shoes 1953 - 1976" contains The Rain Still Tumbles Down In July, Hello and Goodbye, Travellin' Through, I Want a Pardon For Daddy, Mother Queen of My Heart, Eumerella Shore, Music My Dad Played For Me, Happy Jack, Just Lovin You.   

CD-2 "Ramblin Shoes 1980 - 2000" has Where I'd Sooner Be, Logan, To Whom It May Concern, The Lights On The Hill, Another Night In Broome, I Need to Find A Place, Charleville, Morning Comes Early, Mitchell Grass.   

CD-3 "Live In Concert" has Dinki Di Aussie, Indian Pacific, I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke, Glory Bound Train, Pub With No Beer.  

CD-4 "From The Dusty Treasure Chest" includes Lights On The Hill, Charleville, Why Worry Now, Truthful Fella, Waltzing Matilda, Been A Fool Too Long, My Pal Alcohol.   

CD-5 is the Interview disc "The Way I See It" conversations with Nick Erby.     

May we suggest, if you're looking for a good cross-section of his work at very good value, that you consider the 3CD set "Australia Is His Name". With over 60 songs and retail at $29.95 on CD. (Just $27.25 for export orders) it's a great way to be introduced to the Aussie Balladeer.

Then we have "the Very Best Of Slim Dusty" on album and PAL video. This CD and tape has 24 classic SD songs and one new song, "Wobbly Boot" featuring Rolf Harris. The Video has a handful of previously unavailable videos included in the 23 songs plus an 8 minute documentary at the start. Running time approx. 75 mins.


Here are a couple of other special releases worth noting in particular...

"Not So Dusty". Various Artists.
A tribute album from across the musical spectrum of Australia. This Golden Guitar Winning album features our best country acts, Graeme Connors, Troy Cassar-Daley, Lee Kernaghan, James Blundell, Tania Kernaghan duets with father Ray Kernaghan (for the first time on disc), Anne Kirkpatrick duets with brother David, plus the Crosby sisters, the Dead Ringer Band (Golden Guitar award winning track), John Williamson and many more, and from the world of pop and rock, Midnight Oil, Paul Kelly, The Screaming Jets and others.  16 classic Slim Dusty tracks like Saddle Boy, When The Rain Tumbles Down In July, Biggest Disappointment and more, given a bit of a tweek!  $29.95 CD and $20.00 Tape. Add this tribute to your Slim collection !

1. The Trucking  Collection Box Set.
Get all 5 trucking titles, Neon City, Lights On The Hill, Making A Mile, Give Me The Road and Trucks On The Track in one CD set for $49.75 or on cassette for $34.25.

album number 99 - Ninety Nine2. "Ninety Nine" the 99th album of his career came along in the year of '99. A real bush ballad album with 13 great new titles. Binieye Ball, Swagless Swaggie, Abalinga Mail, Banjo, It's Good To See You Mate, Diggin' a Hole, Ghost of Ben Hall, Kelly's Country Kitchen, Outback, No Bids For the Bay, Mustering In Full Swing, Bushman's Prayer, Along the Road To Nulla Nulla.  Released October 1999 for $29.25 on CD and $20.00 on tape.

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There are a couple of excellent songwriter compilations too, "Slim Sings Joy McKean" (14 classics) and "Slim Sings Stan Coster", likewise, each at just $14.95. There's a fine 2CD collection of Slim's performances of "Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson"  lyrics for a good value $19.95 price tag.   

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