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Volume One   (currently unavailable)
Song for the Aussies, Whiskey Blues, Happy Drover, Aussie Dog House Blues, Heading For that Brumby Trail, Your Best Pal is Mother, When the Rain Tumbles Down in July, My Aussie Home, My Pony Whipstick, Rusty It’s Goodbye, Middleton’s Roustabout, The Old Woolshed Do, Faded Coat of Blue, Trumby, Morning Mail, The Drover’s Cook, Down the Dusty Road to Home and others (currently unavailable)

Volume 2     (currently unavailable)

Volume 3     (currently unavailable)
Answer to the Pub With No beer, Game As Ned Kelly, The Boy Who Never Returned, To A Mate, The Rodeo Dance, and more

Volume 4    $33.45 approx 450 grams 48 songs including –
Camooweal, Cattle Camp Crooner, Ghosts of the Golden Mile, Rose of Red River Valley, Travellin Guitar, The Bequest, The Paper Boy, Big Frogs in Little Puddles, A Truckie’s Last Will & Testament, Sugar Shed Lane, Big Moon, Over the Hill, Old Laddie, Scrap with a Buck Kangaroo, Henry Lawson, Boomerang, Happy Anniversary, How Will I Go With Him Mate, and more

Volume 5    $29.95 approx 150 grams 21 songs including
Cunnamulla Feller, The Westerway Waltz, Condamine Horse bell, Rodeo Riders, Grasshopper Loose in Queensland, Kelly’s Offsider, Darwin (Big Heart of the North), Pushin’ Time, Rodeo Riders, Way Out There, Relics of the Past, Song of Australia, Leaning Post, Letter From Down Under, The Last of the Valley mail, and more

Volume 6    $14.95 approx 160 grams 21 songs including
Ribs Cooked On The Coals, End of The Pub, Good Old Country Style, Election Day, Laughter in the Hills, The Spinning Wheel, So Long, Old Mates, Copped the Lot, Life is Like a River, Teenage Country Style, Blackened Quart Pots are Boiling, and more

Volume 7    $14.95 approx 100 grams 22 songs including
The Man From Snowy River, If We Only Had Old Ireland over Here, Lights on the Hill, On the Move Again, Give Me the Road, The Front Row, Bill, The Ballad of Port Macquarie, Happy Jack, Rambling Shoes, The Black Velvet Band, Commercial DT’s, The Min Min Light, and more

Volume 8    $14.95 approx 120 grams 21 songs including
The Biggest Disappointment, Country Living, Three Rivers Hotel, The Good Ole Days, The Dying Stockman, Sniff the Diggers Dog, The Old Time Drover’s Lament, You Can Never o Wrong in A Mothers Eyes, The Battle with the Roan, Althea, Eumerella Shore, End of the Canning Stock Route, Back Where I Belong, and more

Volume 9     $21.95 approx 210 grams 25 songs including
A Pub with No Beer, Along the Road of Song, Claypan Boogie, Down at Charley Gray’s, Good Old Santa Claus, I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke, Losin’ My Blues Tonight, Road Trains, Somebody’s Mother Tonight, The Ballad of Henry Lawson, The Bushman’s Song, The Nature of Man, The Pub Rock, The Rain Still Tumbles Down in July, When You’re Short of a Quid, When the Moon Across the Bushland Beams, and more

Volume 10    $21.95 approx 190 grams 25 songs including
Answer To The Silvery Moonlight Trail, Back To The Saltbush Plains, By A Fire of Gidgee Coals, Dinki-Di Aussie, Fair Dinkum, Keep The Lovelight Shining, My Old Aussie Homestead, Paddy Gramp, Roaring Wheels, Sun Valley Rose, Sweeney, The Grandest Homestead of All, The Isa Rodeo, The Old Rusty Bell, Wedding Bell Blues, When the Harvest Days are Over Jesse Dear, Where the Golden Sliprails are Down and more

Volume 11    $21.95 approx 190 grams 25 songs including
Songbook for Guitar/Vocal, with chords and fingerings for every song, a collection of Slim's songs recorded between 1953 and 1957. Bushland Boogie, Game as Ned Kelly, Goldie Girl, If I Only Had a Home Sweet Home, Just Saddle Old Darkie, King Bundawaal, Lonesome Road of Tears, Man From the Never Never, Old Love Letters, Queensland State So Fair, Range of Glory, Rose of Remembrance, Runaway Heart, Saddle Boy, Sunny Northern Rose, Take My Worries Away, The Rodeo Dance, The Rutland Rodeo, The Showman's Song, The Sunlander, The Swagman's Story, To a Mate, Walkin' On. My Way, When I First Saw the Lovelight in Your Eyes, Where the Western Clouds at Sunset Turn to Gold.

Volume 12    $21.95 
This volume of songs takes us back to the late 50's and into the early 60's, when Slim's popularity had soared after the release of "The Pub With No Beer" in 1957. It was a huge success here and overseas and Slim followed up, as was the fashion in those days, with an "Answer To The Pub With No Beer" and "Sequel To The Pub With No Beer", both of which are included here. Amongst the rest of the 50's and 60's songs is the hit "Duncan", which came out in 1980. Based on drinkers at the "Town and Country" Hotel in Petersham, Sydney, the popularity of "Duncan" was reminiscent of the success of "The Pub".

26 Songs… Answer to the Pub With No Beer, Charley Gray's Barn Dance, Don't Laugh in the Face of Father Time, Duncan, Gumtrees by the Roadway, Hello and Goodbye, High, Wide and Handsome, I Don't Want No Woman Around, If You Walk Out That Gate, Mareeba's Rodeo Song, Mother's Wedding Band, My Home on the Sunburnt Plains, My Pal Alcohol, Old Bush Mates of Mine, Old Home Week, Sequel to "A Pub With No Beer", Silver Spurs, Spending My Life in the Sun, Sunny Southern Sue, The Boys Who Never Returned, The Land of Lots of Time, The Saddle is His Home, The Whispering Bush, Travellin' Through, Wagon Trains North, When They Muster on the Golden Plain.

Slim Dusty Songbooks available to purchase online

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